Clock, 19th century, Paris (France), National Palace of Queluz.

Enhance and promote cultural heritage

Archeofactu is a company dedicated to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage* like antique metals, jewellery, archaeological and ethnographic artefacts, holly art, technical and scientific instruments, ceramics, stone materials, paintings, sites. The company was founded in the late 90’s. Since then, Archeofactu has established a reputation for actively promoting Portugal’s rich cultural and historical heritage by creating awareness for national treasures without damaging their state of preservation, thus allowing the entire community to enjoy their heritage without jeopardizing it, working mainly in four layers:

  • INTERVENTION conservation and restoration of cultural assets, aiming to retain their chemical and physical stability without damaging the historical or aesthetic value of the objects, for the benefit of the entire community and preserved for future generations.
    (archaeological and ethnographic goods, jewellery, metals, sculpture, technical and scientific instruments, furniture, ceramics, stone material, painting, numismatics, sites, graphic documents, utensils,..)
  • PREVENTION to create awareness among the owners or keepers of cultural goods regarding the need for preservation to ensure their longevity - preventive conservation - and to support the process of exhibiting and storing such artefacts in secure and controlled environments, like museums or galleries.
    (assessment of conservation status, determination of intervention priorities, environmental monitoring studies, identification and quantification of pollutants, exposure, storage and packaging of cultural assets, support for archaeological excavations)
  • INVESTIGATION within the perspective of enhance, develop and apply knowledge in the field of heritage conservation and related, focusing on scientific interdisciplinary.
    (scientific research projects, professional training courses, professional education and higher education)
  • (RE)CREATION as in its design and production of contemporary jewels, or from other nature, inspired by the country’s cultural heritage of material or immaterial value, as in the production of replicas and reproductions of cultural property, with museum or educational purposes.

* According to the Portuguese law Cultural Heritage integrates all goods being valued as testimonies of civilization or culture and carry relevant cultural interest, which should be given special protection and appreciation. This relevant cultural interest reflects values of memory, antiquity, authenticity, originality, rarity, uniqueness or exemplary.